Peak Sales Solutions, LLC serves wholesalers, distributors and contractors in

New England, New York, and Northern NJ through partnerships with:

     - Air Purchases, Inc.
     - API of NH / Delta-T
     - F.W. Webb Co.
     - Johnstone Supply
     - S.G. Torrice Co

     - The Granite Group
     - Win Air / Win Wholesale

Let us put our expertise to work for you. We’re committed to developing your business today and every day.


At Peak Sales Solutions, LLC, we take the time to understand the companies, products and services we represent, ensuring that proper applications for all sales opportunities are fully explored. We are experts in knowing “how things work”, and provide profitable solutions for the manufacturers we represent and the wholesale distributors and OEMs we sell to. We also fully support our contract dealers and end-users. Peak Sales Solutions, LLC provides product and application training seminars on a regular basis, and makes one on one joint sales-calls with distributor outside salespeople. We actively participate in ASHREA, ACCA, RSES, MANA and distributor sponsored events.